March 5, 2019

Self-Soothing for Adults

This weekend, Kellen and I participated in the Wisconsin LGBTQ Summit. Kellen offered ear needles (NADA protocol) to eager conference participants, and some serious relaxing got done.

IMG_20181213_174215_942December 18, 2018

How have you been sleeping?

Even if you practice a few hours before bed, your practice will improve your sleep. You will notice that you get to sleep faster than usual and/or that you sleep more thoroughly, waking feeling more rested than usual.




20170108_214249December 11, 2018

Three Actions for the Next 20 Days

No matter how in-tune you are with your emotions, this month inevitably brings up stuff: memories, expectations, loneliness, pressure. Singing helps with the release. The breathing you do to belt it out stimulates your vagus nerve, which means switching off the fight/flight/freeze response, which means less panic and less shutting down. Have you ever noticed that, without warning, while singing (or even humming) you start to tear up? The very healthy breathing that singing requires sort of thins the line between your soul and your daily performance of “appropriate” behavior. It’s a good thing.



20181115_115329December 4, 2018

Family Heirlooms: What am I supposed to do with this shit??

With the intention to honor all who came before me, I ask, who lived on this land seventy-five years ago, or two hundred? Who lived here five hundred years ago? What made them laugh, and what agony did they live through? What wisdom did they access in their time on this land, and how can I be receptive to that wisdom?




P1020889November 27, 2018

Any takers??

Opportunities to say yes abound. Say yes to our invitation to join us on 12.21 for our first open house! You can say yes to using a gift certificate (lookin at you, workshop attendees with a voucher burning a hole in your pocket), or buying a treat on sale–or not–at the grocery.



NorthNodeClinic (20 of 24)November 20, 2018

Before you get all grateful…

I have made multiple pies in my life–probably in the dozens. For too long, around this time of year, I psyched myself up, read recipes and tips, got started before anyone else in the house woke. I did everything I could to change my experience of crust creation. It did not work.



winter tree and benchNovember 13, 2018

The Path from Tears to Cheer

So much more goes into thriving through a Wisconsin winter than hot soup and cozy socks. We look forward to sharing some time-honored (#8000 years) techniques to combat the cold this Saturday the 17th in our workshop, Traditions and Tears: Self-Love for the Holiday Sneezon. Think tea, candles, and blankets as a starting point, but…





November 6, 2018

Your Vision, Your Voice, Your Vote

When Dr. Roxane Gay spoke at UWM last month, she took a question from a disillusioned prospective voter. To paraphrase, the question was whether it is worth participating in democracy when everything’s so jacked.





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October 30, 2018

A Magic Lesson for Earthlings

Instead of the push to make yourself heard and to convince the other, the force becomes a pull: how can you pull out of the other person what they want to have heard, and how can you work to understand their experience? Probably most significantly, how can you trust the other person to pull out of you and receive what you need heard? How can you trust them to understand your experience?



20181023_092202October 23, 2018

Peculiar Agendas: Finding Safety Within

Kellen is hosting a workshop this Saturday, Chinese Medicine for Trans Health: Feeling Safe in Our Bodies. A small group will gather to talk about how different Chinese Medicine practices can increase feelings of safety, help recovery from physical and spiritual violence, support scar healing, and relieve stress and fear. This workshop will be exclusively for trans-identified people.


Thank you card

October 16, 2018

North Node Clinic is old enough* to eat solid food!

*six months old

Six months ago TODAY, North Node Clinic opened for business! We are shocked and thrilled to find ourselves half a year into growing community around transformative medicine.



Taiji2October 9, 2018

Tai Ji Meditation

I’ve been feeling pretty raw lately. I feel disappointed, angry, scared, and abandoned. I feel like shouting, demanding retribution, and placing blame. I feel like breaking things and crying. The first version of this blog actually ended up on Medium, instead, because Kellen and I wanted more gentleness here.




October 2, 2018

Bringing Demons to Light

How can you bring some light to the shadows that are in your world? (Talking or writing about it is always a good start.) Tell yourself, “I am brave enough to recognize demons.”



Acupuncture Photo

September 25, 2018

Finding the ME in Team

Libra season has arrived: justice, beauty, peace, and relationships. This month, as we feed off the cosmic energy to build partnerships and rely on collaboration, let’s bring the focus in: where am I in the relationships in my life?





September 18, 2018

Save Yourself.

This week, take note of what brings you joy in daily life. Tap into sources of joy that might be hard to explain to others. Affirm yourself by saying, “I know what makes me happy; I am the expert in living my own life.”




September 10, 2018


Today, I am reminded of the very real consequences that sometimes follow expressions of anger, especially for rage that is deemed “irrational” or “unjustified” by authorities. That is, especially for rage coming out of a body of color or a feminine body. 




September 4, 2018

We are all learning.

In honor of this back to school season, we take the opportunity to offer up love and compassion to young souls. Consider your adolescent self.  May you be safe and protected, free from harm; May you be happy and free.



uni office

August 28, 2018

Everyone Needs Help

I love tapping coaching sessions because it is such an effective technique for transforming difficult emotions and for understanding ourselves and our experience. I love when folks tell me, after just one session, that they tried it alone and found relief. On my own, I rely on tapping regularly to work out uncomfortable emotions. 



All Gender RestroomAugust 21, 2018

Apologizing Takes Strength

My amazing friend G’s seven month-old gets he-ed and she-ed all the time. Usually, G doesn’t correct the strangers, because who knows what pronouns baby will choose to use. Sometimes, though, during a longer interaction, something will happen to alert the stranger to baby’s genitalia, and the stranger will devolve into apologies: “I didn’t know,” “I’m so sorry…”



NorthNodeClinic (5 of 24)August 14, 2018

Invite Your Truth: Throat Chakra Care, Continued

When I hear my truth in my head and feel pushback–“Well, that’s not what’s happening now, so deal”–I practice inviting my truth. My truth will not match larger reality every moment, and it is so important to seek it, see it, name it anyway. When that taskmaster voice intrudes, shushing my inner voice, I speak up to it. I reply, inviting my truth to be named, to be heard. By me.



NorthNodeClinic (21 of 24)August 7, 2018

Name Your Truth: Throat Chakra Care

Where do our words come from? How do we place ourselves among our audience? These questions are answered by looking at another function of the throat chakra: it is the seat of our creative identity. It answers the questions who am I as a creator, and what are the creations that I bring to this world?



Steve in car
Steve surviving. (Update: he is now thriving.)

July 31, 2018

Change is gonna do ya…

Making space for the fact that everything changes has helped me find comfort even in moments of upheaval. Six months ago today, Kellen and I drove away from our home in Brooklyn with our sedated and miserable cat, hope and sadness competing for places in our hearts. As excited as we were to arrive in Milwaukee and begin to create our home here, we felt heartbroken to leave our home, our community, our comfort zone.