Community Acupuncture

We are excited to offer Saturday Community Acupuncture as of May 2021.

A modality of Chinese medicine, acupuncture involves inserting single-use, sterile needles into acupoints to improve the flow of qi and fluids. Acupuncture is powerful medicine for everything from physical pain to depression, anxiety, and substance use.

1533 E Belleview Place

How it Works
 There are four acupuncture stations set up with privacy screens providing a moderate amount of visual and sound privacy. At most, there will be 5 people in the space at one time, including Kellen. Everyone will wear masks for the time being. When you come in for your session, Kellen will speak with you briefly, insert the needles, and move on to the next person. Appointments last up to one hour. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing so limbs can be exposed. This site has a good explanation of the basis of Community Acupuncture.

Here is the booking site. Treatments are on a sliding scale from $45 to $85. Our standard cancellation policy applies: I ask 24 hours notice for cancellation. Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged $85.