Competent Care

In the healthcare field, there is a lot of chatter around cultural competence. Typically, when people say this, they mean competence in working with people who aren’t white, cis, straight, neurotypical, English speaking, without disablity–the list goes on–because health care practices have been designed to treat white, cis, straight, neurotyp–you get the picture.

At North Node, we believe that competent care is about trusting your expertise about your body, your experiences, and your goals. While we are white, we do not know how to treat all white people; we need to ask and to listen. While we are queer and trans, our experiences and our goals differ from each other’s and from queer and trans people all over Milwaukee; to support our LGBTQI clients, we need to ask and to listen.

A struggle many people face in accessing healthcare is having to educate their providers about their identities. At North Node Clinic, we know it is our responsibility to reach outside our own personal experiences in order to understand clients who do not share our identities. We have rich professional histories that have educated us, and we are dedicated to continuing education¬†not at the expense of our clients’ time with us.

At North Node Clinic, you will be trusted as the foremost expert in your treatment needs, and we will work to be witness and ally to your experience and growth.