Extending Our Sliding Scale until the Solstice


Are you warm? Are you fed? Are you rested?

We wish comfort for you today and all weekend and all the time. 


We feel a little sheepish* holding a small biz Saturday sale, so can you please think of this, instead, as our extreme gratitude for your participation in our mission and an extension of our sliding scale?

Starting today, until the solstice on December 21, every $30 you spend on a gift certificate will yield a 20% ($6) bonus. For example:

    • If you buy a $30 gift certificate, you get $36 

gua sha is $45, and the scale starts at $35

a bottle of herbs costs $25, so you’d have $11 left over

    • If you buy $60 in gift certificates, you get $72 

acupuncture is $85, and the scale starts at $70

    • If you buy $90 in gift certificates, you get $108 

a 75-minute therapy session is $115, and the scale starts at $100

You can purchase these at your next appointment or by replying to this email with your request. We’ll call you to coordinate payment. Yes, we can split these gift certificates any way you like.

As you may have noticed, it’s been nearly six months since we have written to you. In this second year of North Node Clinic’s work, Kellen and I have learned a lot about caring for folks, including ourselves. Much of what we have learned has required silence: to observe keenly and listen thoroughly, we work to quiet our own conscious minds and make room for deeper understanding.

In these six months, we have heard from many of you that you miss our weekly dispatches. In many moments, we have missed writing them. In order for our learning to continue, though, we need to honor silence. As we approach the solstice, one of our intentions is to write to you again, this time monthly. As always, we welcome your input and ideas; please respond to this email with any feedback you want to share.

With love and gratitude,

Ellice and Kellen

*We hate doing things because it’s what’s expected. If we’d thought of it, we would’ve held a small biz Wednesday sale sometime in September…maybe next year.