It’s okay to cry. Happy New Moon in Cancer.

I want to say happy eclipse season, but I know most of us are struggling through with less happiness than we’d maybe choose for easy breezy living.

A solar eclipse–when the moon obscures the sun–is a time when the shadows become more prominent. What we have worked to avoid or ignore rears up and refuses to go unseen, unacknowledged, unfelt. So, yeah: it’s not really about happiness in the traditional, happy sense.

To be clear, happiness requires pleasure, contentment, and convenience.

I know you know that there’s a difference between contentment and convenience that works on a surface level and cosmic convenience and pleasure. The former finds us avoiding conflict, seeking distraction, and even lying. The latter has us sweating and crying and yelling until our own pain doesn’t intimidate us or shame us. Or at least not as much.

And then we feel content.

It reminds me of the shorthand way to distinguish between modern medicine and traditional medicine: modern medicine relieves your discomfort now, though you will hurt later; traditional medicine requires that you hurt now so that you can feel better later.

To top off this great opportunity to eclipse our own obstacles, this eclipse is right at our new moon in Cancer, overflowing with themes of care giving and care receiving: we get to learn more about what we need, and we get to get honest about what* is and isn’t fulfilling those needs. For most adults, the most honest and yet most confusing confrontation we’ve had with these themes is in our childhoods, so if a lot of old shit is coming up, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Here’s our favorite part: this new moon and this eclipse are happening close to the north node. Aaaaaaaah, yes: the keening and craving we do now is towards our evolution. We are becoming who we are meant to be.

Until the full moon in Capricorn, and especially over these next three or so days, consider making space to learn and understand more about your own needs. Recording what comes to you is a great way to amplify the power of the understanding, so break out that journal or scrap paper or lipstick for your mirror. Or your cross stitch supplies!! If you make tapestry art from these reflections, will you please, PLEASE send us a photo of it??

  • Envision a younger version of yourself. Ask them what they like–to hear, to see, to taste, to smell, to have surrounding them, to say, to sing, to whisper…
  • Choose one (or more) of the pleasures of your younger self and try it out. How do you feel today engaging that sense/experience? What might be more pleasurable? 
  • Ask this younger version of yourself what hurts. Say aloud what comes to you. You can say it to yourself, to a squirrel, or to a human who you trust to hear you without trying to make it about themselves.
  • Tell the younger version of yourself that you are thankful they survived what hurt and that they can trust you, now, to heal.

* I say what not who because part of the learning is that only YOU are responsible for and capable of meeting your needs. Others can get in the way, sure, or can help out, but if change needs to be made, it’s on you to make it.