Two-hour sessions available for $150

Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality that calms the conscious mind so that the subconscious mind can take the stage. While the subconscious is always present and powerful, the conscious mind can silence our root fears or desires, making it tough to create change.

Perhaps the most important fact to understand about hypnosis is that you are never “gone” and you are always in charge. While the experience is different for every person every time, what never changes is that you are the boss and no one can direct your experience.

In a hypnotherapy session, you identify an area in your life where you want to create change or understanding. After some initial discussion of the change desired, the hypnotherapy process begins with relaxation. Ellice will guide you to a relaxed state so that your conscious mind can take a break and get out of the way. From there, Ellice supports your subconsious mind in understanding and embracing the change that you seek.

Hypnotherapy is effective in creating any kind of change. Common reasons people seek hypnotherapy include:

  • sleep disorders
  • developing a new habit
  • grief and loss, including heartbreak
  • smoking cessation
  • forgiveness
  • anxiety
  • phobias
  • managing and transforming physical pain

Ellice is a certified hypnotherapist through IACT.