Name Your Truth: Throat Chakra Care

August 7, 2018

Because the fifth chakra is referred to as the chakra governing communication, we often want to focus on speech: how our physical voice sounds, how our words work to persuade others, and where we are using our voice (on the phone vs in person; in front of large groups vs with one person in intimate conversation).

These are useful elements to consider, certainly, but today I want to think about what comes before that. Where do our words come from? How do we place ourselves among the audiences we find?

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These questions are answered by looking at another function of the throat chakra: it is the seat of our creative identity. It answers the questions who am I as a creator, and what are the creations that I bring to this world?

Before you can speak your truth, you must know it. I encourage you to strengthen your skill in recognizing and naming your own truth. Please practice both techniques at different points throughout the day.

  1. Say out loud what you need to hear. These words are not for anyone else’s ears; the point is to remove yourself from an external audience: you are listening. Find yourself some space, whether it’s in a bathroom stall, on an empty sidewalk, behind the wheel, or anywhere else you can find a small bubble of privacy for yourself. Speak the words aloud, even if you choose to whisper.
  2. Say the words you need to hear to yourself, in your mind. Sometimes “speaking” silently to ourselves helps set the boundary between what is for us and what we offer others. This might feel like praying, but please make sure you are choosing words of your own, not words someone else has written and you have memorized.

Some examples of statements I have used to connect with my truth are:

  • I am so thankful for — (my cat, the rare morning at home, sunshine)
  • I work to make choices out of love, not fear.
  • I believe in dignity and justice for all beings–even those who disrespect me.
  • What I want matters.
  • My comfort matters as much as anyone else’s.
  • I am an excellent cook, and nourishing myself is no small talent.
  • I will get there when I need to be there.
  • I don’t want to do this anymore.
  • I am committed to living my truth, not to pleasing others.
  • I speak my truth with kindness and love–even if it’s only to myself.

This week, pick one or two statements (feel free to use the ones above if they are true for you) to repeat aloud to yourself at least three times daily. If the statements you start with feel flat or untrue, abandon them for words that are true.

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