North Node Clinic is old enough to eat solid food! (six months old)

October 16, 2018

Six months ago TODAY, North Node Clinic opened for business! We are shocked and thrilled to find ourselves half a year into growing community around transformative medicine.

To reflect on all we’ve learned and received, we are using a four-step formula we want to share with you. It’s simple and ripe for modification so that you can use it at any benchmark in any project, for example at the six month anniversary of your own dream business, at the end of a day, or after a family holiday gathering.

Question 1: Why are we doing this?

North Node exists so that we can:

help people find comfort

…in a way that allows us to pursue our own comfort (aka we are the bosses)

be out and proud queer and trans healers, business owners, and community members

crush injustices folks–especially queer and trans folks and poor folks–face in healthcare settings

Question 2: Are we on the right track?

From the moment we saw our first online booking (there was some screaming and dancing) to our first week with twenty appointments, every day since April has provided affirmation that our mission is shared by Milwaukeeans. Half of our community identifies as queer or trans, so we know our outness is making space for people to pursue healing.

Question 3: How did we do it? aka The attitude is gratitude.

Thank you cardWe did it with HELP from everyone around us. Some folks helped by cheering us on even though we would become long-distance friends. Some helped by investing in our vision, carrying furniture, voting on paint colors, or sewing cushions. Some courageous VIP’s helped by trusting us to guide them on their healing journey. THANK YOU. We are overwhelmed with gratitude. You are the reason for our season.

Question 4: What next?

North Node continues to grow, so we have to commit to our own growth. Among the efforts to expand our souls and our service: Ellice begins a hypnotherapy certification in November, and Kellen is conjuring a qi gong class they will offer in 2019.

This week, give these four questions a try at any benchmark in any project. Considering perhaps the time since you took your most recent job, or the time since you started journaling regularly, ask yourself:

What is my mission in this project (or day)?

How am I doing?

How have I done it? (This is your chance to stir up some gratitude.)

Where do I go from here?

Please send us an email to share your reflections. We would love to hear where you choose to devote your energy and how you can tell when you are on the right track. We also love to hear your feedback, so if you have ideas to share outside of the reflections above, we are listening.

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