Putting our money where…well, somewhere, at least

If you are keeping track, you know that North Node Clinic is celebrating anniversary #1 next week.


Kellen and I have a LOT to say about this milestone, and something massive that’s been on our minds lately is philanthropy/profit sharing/corporate giving. No matter what you call it, sharing what we have available is important to us in our personal lives, and it is part of North Node Clinic’s mission.

In this past year, North Node’s giving has taken the shape of time and emotional resources. We love speaking with folks and, in Kellen’s case, poking ears. We look forward to more of the same in the months ahead.

This coming year, though, we will begin to share resources beyond needles and our own labor and care: we will begin to share $$money$$.

First, I want to repeat something I’ve said before. True generosity requires that we share what we can spare. While we are proud of and thankful for the prosperity we have found this year, North Node Clinic is still in the red. Our intention to donate 2% of our profits is still theoretical. (You will know when it becomes practical, I promise!)

That said, we donated $2,760 in gift certificates last year, and this year we will donate a portion of that in cash, instead.

Our first project of our second year is to match the funds our community donates to an exciting venture in St. Paul. Colleagues who practice biodynamic craniosacral healing are seeking donations in order to join an existing collective. Prospect Park Healing Arts will welcome Sarah White and Michelle Johnson as they offer free and low-cost healing services. In their outreach to their community (including Kellen and me), they write:

...we have been reflecting on the pressing need for more spaces that are committed to healing justice work, work that understands that individual nervous systems are held in the larger web of a collective nervous system that is impacted by ongoing histories of colonization and genocide.  We work to notice and support health which is present in all people, including in the trauma patterns we have developed in order to survive. While we work to support individuals, we also are committed to ending systems of supremacy that keep us from being able to be in connection to our bodies and with one another.

You are welcome to contact Michelle or Sarah directly to find out more about their work, and we would be thrilled to talk with you about why we want to support healing structures in St. Paul (hint: individual healing requires collective healing).

Between now and May 1, we will match donations to this exciting venture up to $300. You can:

  • donate cash or checks in person at North Node Clinic
  • Venmo @kellengrimm with amounts from $1
  • send checks (with Prospect Park Healing Arts in the memo line) to

North Node Clinic
231 E. Buffalo St, #306
Milwaukee, WI 53202 

In this last week of our first year serving our own community, Kellen and I feel FEELINGS about extending our reach to similar missions beyond Milwaukee.

Thank you for being part of our community.

With love and generosity,
Ellice and Kellen