Solstice Reflection

The profound reflection of mountains upon deep blue water.

December 25, 2018

Did you think we were done talking about the solstice? Because we’re not.

If the earth’s trajectory is a narrative arc with summer solstice as climax, we are in the rising action. From now, all our sunrises foreshadow the summer solstice when we in the northern hemisphere will be wearing sunglasses and hats to shade our delicate eyes from the brightness. Hard to imagine in these gloomy skies, but true. 

At this time, looking forward is particularly potent. The intentions we set at the solstice are imbued with cosmic inspiration. Setting intentions requires that we be in touch with our desires, which requires looking back, too, to reflect on our actions and our reactions this past year. At our solstice gathering last Friday, we reflected on these particular questions:

In the past year, what did I create, learn, experience, or share that I am proud of?

Rumi wrote, “Be like a tree and let dead leaves drop.” What leaves am I ready to shed?

What do I want to welcome into my life? (This is at least two parts: What do I want? What am I excited about?)

Kellen and I love to reflect. Sometimes we play a game we created called Talking. (If you want to know the rules, reply to this email.) Needless to say, we’ve been really wallowing in these questions this solstice season, and we want to share some of our reflections with you. 

In the past year, what did I create, learn, experience, or share that I am proud of?

We are both mic-drop proud of North Node Clinic. In addition to making manifest a fantasy, we have learned so much as co-creators. Co-ing is not easy. (Looking at you, co-habitants, co-workers, co-parents, and co-founders.) We have learned, learned, LEARNED. We have learned a lot about how to learn. 

What leaves am I ready to shed?

One pattern I am ready to shed in the year ahead is the work I used to do* to satisfy others. I am ready to shed self-suppressing habits in the interest of being true to myself in all situations no matter what others might expect of me.

Kellen has begun work to shed the people-pleasing pattern of letting folks decide when to respect their identity. In the past two weeks, they’ve had TWO in-person conversations with folks in the service industry about their pronouns. Talk about mic-drop!! (If you want to know more about how those conversations sounded, Kellen is open to sharing. Let us know.)

What do I want to welcome into my life?

One new addition to our collective life that we are ready to welcome is more muscles. Our work at High Def Health has given me a stronger back than I’ve had since elementary school, I think, and Kellen’s psoas is in its best shape since 2014. It feels GREAT to feel great. And it feels GREAT to punch the bag at High Def. If you haven’t lately, you should totally try it.

In our final week of this calendar year, make some time to find some of your own answers to the questions above. We would love to hear what you come up with; if you write to us, we promise to write back.

In reflection and truth,
Ellice and Kellen

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

*In the interest of becoming who and how I want to be, I state things as I want them to be even if they are still in the process of getting there. So if I want to start journaling every morning, I say, “I take time to reflect in my journal every morning.” Case in point: I regularly still fall into self-suppression. In my reflection, though, I say, “I used to suppress my truth in the interest of others’ comfort.” I know I’ll get to the time when used to is true, and for now, I’m helping myself imagine that reality.