Ellice is a careful, patient, and empathetic listener who is highly attentive to detail. She asks cogent questions and follows up with clean, concise statements, focusing on realistic goals. She is always realistic and never encouraged false hopes; nevertheless, she has the rare art of helping others (me) to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Most importantly, she encouraged me to participate fully in the process. This heightened my sense of effectiveness in a situation that would have been painfully frustrating, even overwhelming, had I not had her guidance.     – M.L.

I received treatment from Kellen once a week over the course of a year. I felt understood while speaking with Kellen about my health. Kellen’s ability to hold space created a supportive environment for treatment.     – J.R.

Ellice is an excellent listener–a cardinal quality for a good therapist–and keeps track of where I go on tangents. She is very empathetic and is willing to spend a lot of time with me strategizing. I could not have hoped for a better kind of support.     – C.L.

Kellen made me feel very comfortable in the room with the questions that was asked and I was always confident with their knowledge and the way they approached each treatment. During each treatment, they were very aware of my response to each needle and consistently checked in on how I was doing, making me feel safe and comfortable. Kellen was very gentle with every needle insertion, sometimes I barely even felt it! I would recommend Kellen to anyone, after each treatment I left feeling energized, calm, and definitely saw results.     – L.C.

Ellice was so amazing, I felt such a connection to her and she really seemed to meet me where I was at. She is an amazing listener and wouldn’t push suggestions, especially when she found out some of my reasons I was hesitant about certain plans of care (i.e. I wasn’t open to restricting my diet for my chronic pain because of my eating disorder history). In just two sessions we got deeper than I have in years with other therapists, and she really understands the trauma I had experienced and all the facets of my identity.     – B.C.

Kellen is kind, gentle, compassionate, and caring. Literally, they are everything one wants in a healer, especially one who sticks needles in to your body to help you feel better. I feel so grateful to trust Kellen not only with my healing, but with my stories, and I am grateful for the work I got to do with them. Thank you, Kellen!     – E.F.

I started working with Kellen when I knew nothing about acupuncture; however, Kellen guided me through the process, offering thoughtful and personalized explanations that put me at ease. Their grounded (and grounding) presence allowed me to open up to the experience and to my own physical and emotional reality.     – M.A.

I had the opportunity to receive a side-by-side treatment from Kellen and Ellice, and it was hands-down one of the best experiences I have had. Together they created a safe, calming and healing space through a combination of dialogue and silence, an energized ambiance, relaxation massage, and acupuncture treatment. They listen to your needs are able to completely focus on your specific concerns – and you can tell that they truly care. I only wish I lived closer to North Node Clinic!     – E.W.