Updated Services


Image Source: Mobilize Without Fear: Self-Care in the time of Coronavirus

Good morning,

Kellen and I have decided to amend our services until April 1.

  • Ellice will offer phone sessions for psychotherapy and meditation coaching.
  • Kellen will offer herbal consults by phone, email, and text. Herbs can be shipped to you.
  • Kellen will also offer phone/email/text consults for anyone seeking support. Whether you take herbs or not, there are many ways you can support your health–including your mental health–even if you contract a virus. Kellen can guide you through gua sha, acupressure, and dietary choices that will help with respiratory symptoms OR ANYTHING ELSE. (This article has some great guidance as a starting point.¬†Same link as above.)

In-person services (acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, tapping, and hypnotherapy) are suspended until April 1. 

We will also be suspending our cancellation policy: if you have an appointment and need to cancel, there will be no fee.

For your reference, we have always used medical-grade disinfectant¬†products in Kellen’s room. Beginning this week, we also used those products in Ellice’s room and the common spaces. We welcome any questions or input you have as we move forward.

We wish you all solid breathing and comfortable, restorative sleep. Please do reach out if we can support you. We want to help you access and create resources through this season.

In good health,
Ellice and Kellen